TEstimonioesGilbert González (Miami Engenieed Glass) For our company it is an advantage to have ELECTROSTATIC PAINT SOLUTIONS as a supplier for finishing and maintenance painting services in our projects.

The confidence we have in this company is supported with by good quality and timely delivered job.

Frederich Gergbert (Aventura Mall) As one of the most important commercial centers in South Florida, the image we projected is clue for the success of our businesses.

That is the reason to regularly request the ELECTROSTATIC PAINT SOLUTIONS services. The results obtained from this company allow us to maintain the metallic elements in the Mall with a good presentation.

Jaime Linares (Fantastic Metal Corp) The construction or maintenance contracts we obtain have the responsibility of very detailed specification.

ELECTROSTATIC PAINT SOLUTIONS has very competent personnel which allow us to timely fulfill the contracts with our clients.

We widely recommend that company in Miami due to the responsibility, quality and timely fulfillment of their jobs.